нагрда за прекрасный блог or “One very tanned Russian Blog”

one-lovely-blog-awardFirst of all I must say that I am honored that someone felt I deserved this award. But I must admit it feels a bit awkward. See right now in Russia pink just doesn’t seem to fit in here very well. The interesting part is that pink  is just that “pink”. Like green is just green, but when people think about this color the first thing that probably comes to mind is “money” right? Everybody in Russia like “Green”. So if we just change this little word (pink) to say ” just a lighter shade of red” what would you think of? Yep, you got it right a guy who sunburns easy. So we all know that sunburns only last for a short while then they turn into a tan. Great! Then we can change the name from lovely to maybe something like “handsome” or how about “One very tanned Russian Blog”.  Okay now that I’m all over myself and the ego is gone I’d like to thank Sarah for feeling that my blog is “one very manly blog”. Here’s link to her blog: thepracticalhistorian

So it’s my job to share the rules for accepting this blog.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to his or her blog.
2. Share seven pieces of random information about yourself (oh boy I’m in trouble).
3. Nominate and link to seven more lovely/manly blogs (need to keep the balance).

Here’s where it gets tough because I want to give this award to everybody – but the rules are the rules so……..

Oh, I think I found a way to bend these rules but still follow them none the less. Within each of the blogs I’ve nominated are clues to who I am as a person and let you know about a little about my personality. Good luck hunting.

Here it goes.  One of the first to visit my blog and has been a fan ever since ( I’m her’s too.) By the way she’s been a guest blogger on my blog. Thanks Jet.


Jet Eliot

Somewhere Under the Rainbow Lorikeet

This next nomination goes to another who has followed my blog almost from the beginning and has been a great encouragement to me. Let me tell you he has one great photography blog, check it out.



Union Creek, Oregon

Then comes a gal who again has been a great support. She writes a very intelligent blog which I find very interesting, you may too.



Einstein and Democratic thinking

Have you ever lived a little bit on the edge, or maybe have know someone who has? What if your everyday life dealt with people like this, what would you do? This next guy does, and he writes about it. It never ceases to amaze the different situations that he deals with, and then writes about it. Some of it’s funny, other times a bit scary, then you get to see a very human side to his stories.

Just got to love them, no matter what.



Caught In A Trap

What can I say, life just doesn’t always go a planned. We fight against the goads, trip, fall but always get back up again. Why? Because we believe in God, When we don’t know what to do we turn to him, if we are having trouble about our “where” do we belong we seek him. This next blogger has been a inspiration in this way. It’s not always what’s in your head but what’s in your heart. Go and see what the heart of God is like, visit her blog.



Since You Know Me Better Than I Do…..

And here on wordpress we all know it’s about the story. It’s about how you deliver it, what you share with your audience, is your heart really in it? Do you have what it takes to be a good blogger? Well I can tell you the “Coach” does, why? Because he reaches down into your heart and pulls the strings. The story’s he writes about and shares give us all hope. Thanks Coach.


Coach Muller

What Are You Going to Do?

So those tidbits it asks for they are there, you just have to go find them.

Maybe this isn’t what is normally done in receiving this award but it’s my take on it.

Hope everyone likes it.

15 thoughts on “нагрда за прекрасный блог or “One very tanned Russian Blog”

  1. I must congratulate you on another deserving award!! I also wish to thank you for for nominating my blog; it is an honor! As always, I enjoy your wit and most informative posts!! Thank you!

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