The Bat Mitzvah that never happened. Chapter six of the Jew


Chapter six: A Bat Mitzvah gone wrong.

Over five hundred of St. Petersberg had been invited to the affair following the ceremony. The castle of the Baron would be invaded by the most elite. But some would not show up. Some because they would never align themselves with a Jew. Some because of their fear of retribution and others for to do so would be a bad political move. In all half would come but the event did not occur.

This happened because of the event of the twenty ninth. The finding of Rasputin’s body on January fourth caused immediate ripples. Immediately all suspected everyone. The first reaction was against the Jews and it came naturally from the Holy Snyod. They would investigate the death of one of their own. Prince Obolenski was the main conduit into where all information on Rasputin’s death merged. It was true that the medical…

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9 thoughts on “The Bat Mitzvah that never happened. Chapter six of the Jew

  1. I appreciate your reblog. I have started a series of posts on the birth of a Jew to his leaving Russia to go to America. I would hope you would enjoy that and therefore urge you to read the other five chapters. I have one chapter on the killing of Rasputin, information on the Holy Synod and other factors. I blend some facts into the story and hope you approve. Let me know what you think? Sincerely Barry

    1. I certainty will, I actually did read one of them, don’t know if I acknowledged that I did or not. Out of curiosity where did you information come for the material that you wrote? Some of it was written in first person, which surprised me. I also read that you are a teacher, I to teach here in Russia at the university level. Anyway look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for stopping by, hope you hit the follow button.

      1. I did a lot of research on the internet. Trying to get locations correct and history correct. One of my blog readers informed me that I have the wrong take on Rasputin. That he was for the Jews. Please confirm this or tell me he is wrong. It is important for the story. I will follow your blog. I also wrote a short book on a serial killer in the United States. You might like it. If so I will send you the way for you to purchase it;.. It is seven dollars.

      2. The reason I asked about Rasputin is I plan to do a post on him from a different angle, was hoping to find better information or different material. Would you be willing to share the links that you found? I’ll do more research on him and as I do I will inform you of my findings. Thanks

      3. delincolon is the person who is in the know. Check on his blog and you will find a world of information. Years of research at your finger tips from a primary source.

      4. You really need to read about all of the effort Rasputin put into advocating equal rights for Jews, including nagging the Tsar about it. Far from being “anti anything Jewish,” his secretary and confidante (my great-great uncle) was Jewish.

        Rasputin was appalled by the horror of the pogroms. He obtained educations for Jewish youth (who were denied by law), raised money for those in need – and actually helped many Jews get out of military service, knowing they were as likely to be killed by their own countrymen as by the enemy.

        The Tsar, on the other hand, had a phobia about Jews, as did his wife. The military tortured and slaughtered entire villages of them, accusing all of espionage. Rasputin never harmed a soul. He was a healer and spiritual advisor (who, yes, liked to party, but never raped anyone). The tsarist regime, on the other hand, was totally ruthless and inhumane.

      5. I have just redone War Story which is about the war in Russia during World War Two. I think you would like it. Let me know what you think of it. Sincerely Barry

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