Mirror Reflections – Uzbekistan & Russia


Life in Uzbekistan

From Roadside Reports

To me, the best way to travel with such a state of mind is by hitchhiking. Over the past few years, I’ve been hitchhiking some 30.000 km across Europe, Africa and Asia. And during these many kilometers on the road, I have started to combine this with the work of writing short travel narratives. Over time, this resulted in Roadside Reports, this travel site. As a Roadside Reporter, it is my aim to tell the stories of unknown places, to discover the geography of these places – be it physically, socially, politically, economically, or culturally – and to report on them with a feeling for and understanding of the greater global changes and challenges that this world faces.

Visit: http://roadsidereports.wordpress.com/


Life in Russia

A Russian Picnic

One of the points that always impressed me with the average Russian ever since I first arrived is their ability to separate work and play and always make time for the latter. There is a Russian saying which expresses the attitude toward work, which translates into English as follows: “Work in not a wolf and will not run into the forest”. This pretty much means that when you leave work, you can forget about work and it will still be there when you return.

Visit: http://markinrussia.wordpress.com/



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