Mirror Reflections – Monaco & Russia


Life in Monaco

DESTINATION – La Condamine

It is one of the smallest states all over the world that is located on 1.95 kilometers. It is considered an interesting place to visit. The capital of Monaco is Monte Carlo. It is located on a land that size is 6 time the size of Vatican.

Monaco-Villeit is known as the rock. It seems to be from the medieval. It is a wonderful site to be visited. There are a lot of Passageways and streets that seems to be came from the past. The houses allow us to feel how the previous people lived in the medieval. You will be pleased to see the Oceanographic Museum and the Prince`s Palace.

La Condamine: it is considered one of the oldest places in Monaco. There are many luxurious yachts and fantastic cruise ships. La Condamine contain the Condamine Market which is considered the most business areas there. Also you can visit the rue Princesse-Caroline mall. It is a wonderful place to visit.

Visit: http://www.travelfox.com/blog/travel-guide/monaco/


Life in Russia


For one it’s, well, big. It has traffic, high-rise buildings and an urban attitude that you’d hardly expect from a seaside retreat. Its beach could easily be mistaken for an oversized rock garden. And while expensive European retail chains affirm its glitzy reputation, a gaggle of dilapidated sanatoriums recall a not-quite-bygone era when Sochi was a very proletarian Soviet spa town.


In short, wealthy developers bent on transforming Sochi into a world-class resort have a project on their hands. But all is not hopeless. They do have miles of prime Black Sea coastline to work with. The sea is warm and reportedly clean. That rocky shoreline? Nothing a little imported sand can’t cure. And the winter playground of Krasnaya Polyana is only 90 minutes away, making it possible to enjoy both sea and slopes in late spring.

Visit: http://www.hotelchatter.com/city/Sochi



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