Mirror Reflections – Andorra & Russia

Andorra 19

Life in Andorra

People may tell you Andorra’s nothing but skiing and shopping. They might add that Andorra la Vella, its capital and only town, is a fuming traffic jam bordered by palaces of consumerism. (Fact: Andorra has over 2000 shops – more than one for every 40 inhabitants). They’re right to a point, but also way off course. Shake yourself from Andorra la Vella’s tawdry embrace, take one of only three secondary roads in the state and discover some of the most dramatic scenery in all of the Pyrenees.

This minicountry wedged between France and Spain offers by far the best skiing in the Pyrenees, like in Canillo & Soldeu or Arinsal & Pal. In the last five years, its resorts have invested over €50 million in mountain cafés and restaurants, chairlifts and gondolas, car parks and snow-making machines. And once the snows have melted, summer activities are to be had in Ordino & around. There’s great walking in abundance, ranging from easy strolls to demanding day hikes in the higher, more remote reaches of the principality.

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Life in Russia

Altai rises gradually from north to south – plowed from the steppes near Barnaul and Byisk to Beluga whales at the Mongolian border. This is the second highest mountain in the territory of Russia. The beauty of the local nature defies description – taiga in the river valleys and on the slopes of the mountains, snowy peaks and loaches, pristine lakes, springs and waterfalls. Altai is often compared to Switzerland, is called the pearl of Russian nature, but all comparisons, epithets and metaphors only demonstrate the impotence of language in comparison with reality.

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