Mirror Reflections – Nicaragua & Russia


Sumo People of Nicaragua


It is a Spanish-speaking country. Ninety five percent of the people speak Spanish, and the other five percent is indigenous languages including Miskito, Sumo, Rama, Garifuna, and Creole.

Their address system is very unique. The do not use any street names to get around. Instead they use reference points and then from there they start to describe a certain address. They use churches, companies, big buildings, etc as reference points, then they state how many blocks away the locations is from the reference point is. The limits that are created with this system is if visitors can not find the reference point then they will have a hard time getting to their destination. The Nicaraguan people also use the words up and down, not always east and west which can also cause for some confusion.

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The Udeghes of Russia

For two decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Udeghe tribe has struggled to protect the Bikin River basin from intruders. Through a 49-year-lease with the federal government that was signed in 2009, the tribe now controls 1.1 million acres, the heart of the largest tract of virgin temperate forest in the northern hemisphere.

  The basin plays a critical role in the survival of the endangered Amur tiger, known to Westerners as the Siberian tiger. They are the world’s largest cats, with the average male adult weighing nearly 400 pounds. 

 About 400 tigers live in Russian Far East, and the Bikin River basin is home to 50 of them.. Tigers rarely atack people.\\In 1997, an injurted tiger attacked and ate two Russians in Bikin River basin. The tiger was killed.. One of the Russians was a poacher.

 The Udeghe are among the eight indigenous tribes in the Russian Far East. Udeghe means, “forest people” in the Udeghe language.

 There are 2 million ethnic Russians in the region. There are only 1,700 Udeghe, and Krasny Yar, the largest of the four Udeghe settlements, is their capital.

 The Udeghe as a culture may face greater obstacles for survival than the tiger.

 The Soviets banished or killed the shamans when they finally gained control of the mountainous area in the 1930s. They also discouraged native people from speaking their own language and taught them Russian school.

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