Picture of the day – Dec. 2

30+ New Most Funny Animal Manipulations (6)


russian experiments gone bad22

Investigative Report from Lake Karachav

I had someone ask if nature was effected from all the radiation that was dumped into Lake Karachav. Well after some exhausting research, digging deep into the vaults of the internet finally revealed a few of the poor creatures that were mutated because of this careless dumping of radioactive material. Remember some of this material may be falsified, viewer discretion advised.

Visit: https://hague6185.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/lake-karachay-russias-beauty-and-beast/


11 thoughts on “Picture of the day – Dec. 2

    1. I know, added the disclaimer so everyone would know that they are really just manipulated photos. But fun ones. Polluting the planet is no laughing matter though. We only have one of them. Think we should take better care of it, don’t you?

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