Mirror Reflections – Nepal & Russia


Life in Nepal

Lately I’ve really been thinking about whether or not I could live in Nepal.

Rabindra and I have discussed this recently and it’s something that scares me a fair bit. He has mentioned that we could move to Nepal if we got sick of life here or after our prime years of working, we could consider moving back to Nepal essentially to “retire”.

We have absolutely no plans to move there permanently but I can’t say that Rabindra will feel like this forever. There may be a time he longs for his homeland, the life he had as a child with his loving family, and we may have to make that decision. So…what would I do?

Life in Australia is all I’ve ever known. Whilst Australian culture cannot be as easily identified as Nepal with its strong traditions and culture, life in Australia is about comfort, freedom, family, fun and an easygoing lifestyle.

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Baikal Lake, âîñòîê, ×èâûðêóéñêèé çàëèâ, Çàáàéêàëüñêèé Íàö. ïàðê, àâãóñò 2002

Life in Russia

I’m sitting in the attic of our farmhouse watching immense amounts of water fall from the sky. The past three days of solid rain dampen our moods, as well as the forest and the boulders within.  On the bright side, we have no shortage of water for living – this farmhouse has no plumbing, so collected rain water is the only source for drinking, showers, dish washing, and of course the Russian sauna. I want to share a bit about life on the farm here. It’s peaceful, simple, and different from anything I’ve ever known.

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