Mirror Reflections – Myanmar & Ukraine


Life in Myanmar

Well I’ve been living in Yangon for close to 3 months now and it well and truly feels like home. I’ve made some fabulous friends already and have met lots of wonderful people. Many are here with NGO’s doing humanitarian type work, as the private sector is almost non-existant…at the moment. Many people are surprised to hear I moved here on a whim and without work lined up. Work is not as easy to find as you might think. One could easily be under the illusion that there would be ample of opportunities, what with seemingly the whole world descending on this resource rich country but what I am finding is the few international companies that are here already are parachuting their own teams in and then wanting to recruit locally. NGO’s want previous NGO experience and recruitment companies in Myanmar are not as we know

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Life in Ukraine

This blog is about Odessa, Ukraine –  Beaches, restaurants, Russian and Ukrainian women, nightclubs, hotels, superstitions, survival, visa’s………pretty much anything and everything to do with Odessa and Ukraine.  It will also attempt to peer into the opaque waters of Ukrainian politics, foreign policy, business and bureaucracy.  As a result it has been featured by Charles Crawford, the Brit Blog Round Up (BBRU), Azerbaijan and Moldovan News, Global Voice and others.  (Not bad for what is only a bit of fun).  The contents are also to be found at Odessatalk.

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