Mirror Reflections – Kyrgyzstan & Russia


Life in Kyrgyzstan

A time for reflection

My overseas placement and I have had a very interesting relationship. It’s been two and a half months and in that time, I’ve gone from hating everything to loving everything.. and back again many times, sometimes finding some footing in the middle. It’s an eyeopening experience – living overseas. Some people think of it as all glamorous.. I know the pictures look that way. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I would say it looks like I’ve been exploring the great outdoors, eating interesting food, discovering a culture. I have been doing those things (and they have been most wonderful!) but those are characteristics of “travelling”. Living overseas is a completely different story………..

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Spassky Cave Church 1550x366

Life in Russia

Bishkek is Kyrgyzstan’s capital and home to about 825,000 of the country’s five-and-a-half million people. I can walk across the majority of the city in less than 2 hours, and its streets are a combination of new construction sites, marble-faced Soviet buildings, and jumbles of cars disobeying streetlights. For Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek is fairly expensive, and is one of the few cities in the country that hosts international restaurants and American-style (and American-priced) shopping malls. Often, volunteers who come into the city will sit in coffee-shops for the majority of the day, mainlining the free-wifi and planning nights out in the city’s growing club and bar scene, sometimes asking themselves “where are we right now?” In Bishkek, there are some places that feel incongruent with the rest of this country.

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