Who’s Crazier – Coloradans vs Russians

Creede17Mystery Valley, Colorado

Now I’ve seen this on the Indian reservations but didn’t think anybody with a lick of sense would use a loo like this but then I’ve been proved wrong on many things. This little habitat for taking care of business is in Mystery Valley, Colorado. Can’t imagine why it’s called that, never the less here a link to explore more about Mystery Valley if you dare.

Visit: http://travelswithlucy.com/2011/08/

Coloradans vs Russians

ad_121555881Kara-Tyurek (Mystery valley) in Siberia – remember to leave a stone

You’re never short of time and space to think in the lavatory at the end of the world. Just don’t use it at night. The privy stands on the edge of a cliff 2,600m (8,500ft) above sea level in the Altai Mountains. So one false step (or puff of wind) could mean curtains. Needless to say, there is no need for plumbing and no room for squeamish users. For the five weather station workers at Kara-Tyurek in Siberia, the most important thing to remember is the loo roll. It arrives once a month by helicopter – if the postal worker who collects the weather data remembers to bring it………

Visit: http://metro.co.uk/2013/11/28/loo-nacy-terrifying-toilet-on-edge-of-cliff-is-height-of-stu-poo-dity-4206817/


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