Mirror Reflections – Zimbabwe & Russia


Mysterious Zimbabwe

The ruins of Great Zimbabwe – the capital of the Queen of Sheba, according to an age-old legend – are a unique testimony to the Bantu civilization of the Shona between the 11th and 15th centuries. The city, which covers an area of nearly 80 ha, was an important trading centre and was renowned from the Middle Ages onwards.

Visit: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/364


Mysterious Russia

This site is truly mysterious, I was able to find so little about it, but it does exist. If any excavation has occurred I couldn’t find the information on it. Hopefully by shedding some light on it will encourage this sort of thing.

Mysteries of Mount Pidan, Russia

Pidan is one of the famous mountains in the Far East of Russia. This mountain was named by ancient people a long time ago. The modern name is Gora Livadiyskay but everybody calls it Pidan. There is no meaning of the word “pidan” in Russian, Chinese or native languages of first people of the Russian Far East………….

Visit: http://world-pyramids.com/en/world-pyramids/asian-pacific/mysteries-of-mount-pidan/mysteries-of-mount-pidan,-russia.html#.UpcZfuImGp0

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