Picture of the day – Nov. 18


The picture above is quite funny

But in Russia

A traditional Russian wedding  can last for at least two days and some weddings last as long as a week. Throughout the celebration there is dancing, singing, long toasts, and a lot of food and drinks. The best man and maid of honor are called witnesses, svideteli in Russian. The ceremony and the ring exchange takes place on the first day of the wedding. Russian weddings have adopted some of western traditions, including bridesmaids and others.


5 thoughts on “Picture of the day – Nov. 18

  1. Why is the picture we see the Catholic rite?

    If you want extreme, I have it! 🙂


    Bridesmaids, you say? Hehe … In Russia, these girls are prepare bride for the ceremony.

    The day before the wedding, the bride with the bridesmaids went to the bania, and generally entertained, and organized a bachelorette party (not the modern version!)
    Pay attention to the picture of the girl with a mug on the background.

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