Mirror Reflections – Azerbaijan & Russia

Goy Gol lake is the most popular of the seven Kyapaz lakes in Azerbajian

Life in Azerbaijan

I arrived in Baku, Azerbaijan prepared to stay and teach young people how to get jobs with the western companies arriving in town to get the next oil boom started.


This is a tale of coming full circle.

When I showed up, Exxon was opening its office as were most of the other oil majors. The Caspian Oil & Gas Show was THE place to be. Everyone you’d ever want to contact in the emerging business market would be there, including the President. Heady times back then! As a woman owning a business…………….

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Upper Shavlo lake is located in the mountains of Altai, Russia, at about 2000 m above sea level.

Life in Russia

I am a British woman in my *cough* 30s.

I spent a number of years living and working in Russia. Moscow, to be specific. I am married to a Russian. No, he doesn’t own any football teams. Or drink vodka for breakfast.

I was born and raised in a small town outside London. It was the prototype for Milton Keynes. This means it’s a New Town built on the enlightened social and architectural principles of the fifties and sixties. Which is quite as horrifying as it sounds. Now we live in London. My husband, the Moscovite, refuses to acknowledge there is life outside the capital of any given country.

I have been teaching English (as a foreign language) for the last fifteen years or so. Well, I used to teach, then I managed teachers, and now I train them. Teaching is a lot harder than people seem to think……….

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