Stay tuned

stay tuned

Well it’s that time again. “Life in Russia” brought to you by an American Monkey in Kazan will be on vacation for the next several weeks. This last six months has been absolutely wonderful. I never would have thought my blog would touch as many lives as it has. It has been viewed almost 14,000 times since it began. It’s readership has increased steadily too. It’s currently over 200 followers moving rapidly to 300. I’d love to say “Thank you” to everyone who has made this possible. Thank you for the reblogs and to my guest bloggers, it is my goal to continue to help others see Russia in a different light, as well is exposing other cultures to “Life in Russia’s” readers through Mirror Reflections, Who’s Crazier, Picture of the Day and much more. I may post some vacation pictures if possible.

Again Thank you & God Bless


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