Picture of the Day – Oct. 24


Today is a very special day

“We’ve packed up and are getting ready to go on vacation.

No serious “We are”

But the neighbors didn’t like being out done so……..

They packed up to go to market.

The competition around here is tough.


Down around the corner and in a more ritzy neighborhood

Chester decides to load up the Bentley

http://vodvore.net/prikols/prikol1827.jpg, again thanks to a reader we have another contender.


8 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – Oct. 24

  1. Ha! 😀 Wow! I can’t even imagine stacking all of that up there and getting it to stay! With my luck it would all fall off before I even started the car! 😀
    Thanks for posting such great pics! 🙂
    Have fun on vacation! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 😀

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