Russian Scientists Invent Pedal-Powered Submarine


Back in the 1960’s every little boy would spend time dreaming about having his own submarine. He would spend hours looking in the back of comic books pouring over the pages with different ads about building one of these for the purpose of taking it to a lake or even the ocean for exploration. I know I did! But alas that price tag of $6.98 cents seemed elusive even back then. How many pop bottles or lawn mowing jobs would it take to come up with enough money to order this dream machine. Then we would march off to accomplish this task only to forget it once we were outside.

submarine-comic-book-adRussian engineers have overcome seeming mathematical impossibilities and devised a submarine that glides through the water on pedal-power. The Blue Space is the first man-powered machine capable of generating enough energy to propel the submarine through water.

The submarine is designed for recreational purposes, and is as easy to use as any small recreational boat. If you’ve every thought of owning your submarine this may be your chance.


Russian Scientists Invent Pedal-Powered Submarine – New Tang Dynasty Television.

5 thoughts on “Russian Scientists Invent Pedal-Powered Submarine

  1. Oh man I remember pedal cars. My brothers had a station wagon pedal car and it was a two seater, and I always got a free ride in the back.

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