Russian military has a hard time finding a parking place

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On a nice quiet Sunday at the beach who would expect this? It can be seen that many were kicking back and soaking up some rays when all of a sudden out of nowhere this appears.

It seems that the Russian Navy who were doing a training exercise thought the beach would be deserted. But because parking spots are hard to find this hovercraft decided to crash a locally popular beach on the Baltic Sea for some fun in the sun of their own.

On 18 August the amphibious vessel made it’s final approach on this sandy and crowded shore which was captured on video and uploaded to the internet a couple days later. It can be seen that the massive 60m (200ft) long vehicle has the entire crowd of sun-worshipers standing in amazement of the event .

The Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged that a Navy vessel had landed on the beach as a part of military exercises but was not expecting people to be there (what no reconnaissance). Currently they are looking to how the mistake was made (sorry guys radar doesn’t work on small objects).

Media outlets in the area are speculating that the crew of the hovercraft might have made a mistake and landed on the wrong beach (my thought is they wanted the best spot on the beach) . Japanese citizens, seeing this, speculated that it was a actually Zion attack force (maybe or maybe not).

Other net users in Japan thought dang Russia has some cool stuff” but also wondered why the media was reporting this hovercrafts appearance as “unexpected”. Many pondered; “How could they not see that coming (like I said it’s a radar thing)?”


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