Mirror Reflections – Mexico & Russia


Life in Mexico

From a post on Mexico’s Mystic’s Blog

The Best things in Life are free.

Quite often they really are free. Today we dropped by the Culture House in Puebla and saw a live performance of a Band called Bandula. And they were very good, great muisic, good costumes and a terrific performance, … price of admission FREE!!  This occurs so often here in Mexico, We find performers who love their country and are very patriotic, enough so they will perform free so working people and families can enjoy their music also.

Visit: http://mexicomystic.wordpress.com/



Life in Russia

Hi there! My nameis Ives Folgado, the founder of MustSeeMoscow. The initial idea of MustSeeMoscow was creating a blog about all those curious things of the Russian culture you feel like sharing after visiting this great country.

In my opinion there’s a lot many of you are missing so reading MustSeeMoscow will give you not only a good read but also a closer perception of the way life goes up here.

Most of the info on this blog is based on my personal experiences. I have noticed this blog is quite enjoyable not only for expats but also for many local residents. The information provided on my blog is just for entertainment. I don’t mean to create false stereotypes. You may disagree with me.

As for me, I can say I’m a family man. Often busy with my language teaching here in Moscow. Interested in foreign languages, blogging, SEO, Internet marketing and webdesign. I’m also for salsa dancing, seafood and some martial arts.

Visit: http://mustseemoscow.com/

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