Mirror Reflections – Israel & Russia

Soreq Cave
Soreq Stalactite Cave in Israel

Life in Israel

This past Thursday marked the conclusion of the 10th Annual Jerusalem Wine Tasting Festival, which began on August 5th and ran through the week. Each night, people could visit the event from from 7-11pm at The Israel Museum. Included in the ticket price was a wine glass, all of the wine I could drink, and access to the Herod the Great exhibit before the wine tasting began.

After looking at my extremely packed schedule of eating pomegranates and wandering around Jerusalem, I decided that I would check out the museum before meeting up with some other Pardesniks (Pardes Students) at the wine festival.

I got to the museum about an hour before the wine tasting started and was very glad that I didn’t pass on the opportunity to see the exhibit! It is the first exhibition entirely dedicated to Herod the Great, quite possibly Israel’s greatest builder

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The Marble Cave, Crimea tourism destinations
Marble Caves, Crimea

Life in Russia

Dear Future Moscow Expats,

Hi! Exciting, isn’t it, tossing all practicality to the wind and coming to Moscow? Some might have called you crazy and hey, they may be right. But you’re in for an excellent adventure. So to sooth the frayed nerves of all you brave souls, good luck and here’s what I’d want you to know:

Russia and Russians’ legendary unfriendliness is, surprisingly, mostly legend. Russians put on a hard face for the world, but that doesn’t accurately reflect their personality. Underneath the cold exterior, Russians can be incredibly helpful, friendly, and funny, even when they’re helping out totally hapless, helpless foreigners………

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