Jawdropping evidence that “Woolly Mammoths” might still exist.


Do Wooly Mammoths Still Exist?

A released footage of a possible Woolly mammoth was done anonymously for the first time back in 2012. The incredible footage was filmed by a government-employed engineer last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia. He was in the remote area to survey for a planned road when he caught this on tape. The Russian national said he wanted to draw attention to the fact that woolly mammoths still exist in the vast unexplored wastes of Siberia. He explained that the discovery of the extinct animal still being alive in Siberia would not be music to the ears of the Russian government. He further added: ‘If woolly mammoths were found surviving in Siberia, it could run against the governments plans to further develop and exploit the area’s considerable resources.’

woolly mammoth_zpskoquxpzl

Wooly Mammoths of Wrangell Island

It is well known that the Woolly mammoths roamed the Earth up until 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age, some scientists believe the last of the animals died out 3,500 years ago. But evidence has also found that the last mammoths to exist were the ones on Wrangell Island which lived there up to around 1,800 year ago. So why isn’t it possible for the Woolly Mammoths to still exist? Paranormal writer Michael Cohen said Siberia is a vast area, and the possibility that it could contain many undiscovered species. Whether it contains woolly mammoths was another question. The 41-year-old Cohen said: ‘It is highly possible that a number of species, extinct elsewhere, could survive in the area undetected.

The following jaw-dropping footage shows an elephant-shaped animal with reddish-brown fur — that closely matches the color of mammoth hairs. This can be shown from the previous findings that have been dug up from the perms-frost across the upper straits of Russia – the footage appears to show the beast moving across the river with its trunk swinging from side to side, the filming is said to have taken place in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region.

Evidence found in 2012

Not being one to believe just a single video I searched the archives for evidence that would support this claim. What I found was this, the Great grand daughter of WW2 Military photographer, Holger Hilderbrand after being captured by the Red Army at the battle of Stalingard shot a short film in which was taken 45 kilometers south east of Yakutsk in the Sakha Republic of Russia. The Sakha Republic and the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug neighbor each other which gives a bit more credence to the first footage that was taken more recently.

Sakha Republic
Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

Evidence found in 1943

Then I went and found a second analysis of the first video that supports the possibility  of mammoths existing today. Finally I searched the records for where some of the past finding of frozen specimens of mammoths have been found which is shown below.


Critical analysis of first video

Evenks astonish Ethnographers

The indigenous Evenk tribe of northeastern Siberia were first contacted at the turn of the century by Russians who reported that they had well-preserved mammoth skins. The Evenks ‘faithfully described the appearance and behavior of the mammoth to astonished ethnographers, and even detailed the beast’s diet and how they hunted it.’ A Russian expedition in 1922 recorded accounts of mammoths being alive—from the same tribe.

This shock has caused researchers to consider whether, if they could have been that far out, mammoths may have survived even longer in the unexplored forests of Siberia.



39 thoughts on “Jawdropping evidence that “Woolly Mammoths” might still exist.

    1. Oh, it would be like a dream. I’ve been studying about the possibility that they still might exist for some time. The native peoples of the area have encountered them in recent history so it gives me hope.

      1. i actually read ssomewhere that there may be evidence of the tasmanian tiger still existing. something about the austrailian government wanting to do logging in old growth forests and so deny claims so that they can carry out their plans

  1. Well.it was nice to hear from you my friend, I said this before this wordpress thing is not a exact science, people come and go but I’m glad your back yes I hit the follow so we mite try this again, great post a mammoth still alive in Russia well you never know what lies in the forest

    1. Interesting but not conclusive, let me explain. Did you go to the sister site? I did, what did I find? Nothing! Did you bother to watch or read the other evidence that I carefully researched? Doubt it. Did you bother to watch the film that was shot in 1947? Is this a hoax as well? Did you read what the Evenks told ethnographers in 1922? Let me explain something, I thoroughly research all my evidence. I’d suggest that you do the same. Look at all the evidence not just bits and pieces like an amateur. Then come back and restate your claims like a big boy.

      1. Wow, you sure are an arrogant prick. You must not have done a whole lot of actual research, because here is a disclaimer on the second video that you likely didn’t read because you got bored halfway through reading the video description:

        “Friends, most content shown is either manufactured or altered or exaggerated. Yes, this is essentially an entertainment and comedy channel”

        Here is a secondary disclaimer on the same video. This one is located directly beneath the first one, and also in plain sight:

        “In case anyone is offended, let me assure you that 105.72% of all videos in this particular genre are either beat-ups, hoaxes or fakes. We’re simply being honest”

        You’re as phony as the video evidence you’ve provided.

      2. This is interesting, because you my friend come to my blog and start saying nonsense like you are, claiming and using the language you use. Adults don’t need to do that. I actually deleted your comment at first but then thought the only real reason people like yourself do what you do is because your jealous. This happens to be my blog, not yours. I don’t come and trash yours, please don’t come and say nonsense like you did. Do it again and you I’ll block your comments for good, plus report you to wordpress. Understand! Go back and reread to the end. I don’t ever claim that they do exist, just leave an open door for exploration. Foul language isn’t necessary. I have every right to bring all evidence to the table, plus the disclaimers you are talking about aren’t there. I’d still say your wrong, finish reading dig deeper. I don’t post articles that I don’t research thoroughly. Plus phony is a commenter who doesn’t have his own blog which I don’t see you have one. If you do provide the evidence in a logical manner and I will direct my readership to the post for consideration otherwise get lost.

      3. Let’s get something straight, buddy. I don’t give the slightest fraction of a shit if you block my comments for good, or if you report me to wordpress. You’re nothing but a lying, pathetic attention whore who is fishing for readers by reporting, very poorly, on the controversial topics that revolve around the possibility of prehistoric creatures’ continued existence.

        While you have every right to report on this and to submit all findings from your so-called “thorough” trek through volumes of evidence, I’ve exposed your poor method of gathering information and checking against your source’s credibility and your response is to scold me for my language. I’m sure that nobody will see this message, and frankly I do not care. I can only hope that people click your links and discover for themselves just how paper-thin your façade really is, and then watch as your credibility crumbles right before your very eyes.

      4. You are really good with the foul language, but your claims are just that, “claims”. Again create a response post with accurate information and I will be glad to link to it otherwise you are just full of it. The only thing I’ve seen exposed are your flimsy words and flapping gums. A donkey makes a better Ass than you do. Back it up Chuck. I’d report you but it would make you fill justified (and puffed up) so never mind. Every good post needs a heckler, your mine. Keep it up idiocy comes in many packages. Your wrapper only has cuss word on it, any good intelligent pro and extensive researcher would have used many more flamboyant words to add more color. See the more you heckle the bigger my stats get so keep it coming. LOL. Dude I think the real joke is on you. Your expletives read so well, it makes me giddy.

      5. Oh, plus I find it very amusing that you don’t even have a blog. It’s so easy leave nasty comments when nobody has a clue who you really are. I suspect you probably live in some run down shack, with a computer held together with chicken wire, am I right? You’re honestly the only person who has ever come to my blog and left nasty comments. Guessing you lead a very lonely life. I’m sorry, can I help you find a counsler?

      6. Except that they are not claims in the least. There is easily accessible evidence that proves the video is fake, which as a result proves that your extensive research never actually took place. My guess is that you simply typed in “mammoths exist” (or similar), and took the videos that looked the most compelling to you. Meanwhile, you didn’t bother to check against veracity of the claims made in each of the videos.

        Oh, and you want proof that the video I mentioned before is fake? Since you’re either too headstrong to admit that you’re wrong, or your grasp on locating a description on YouTube is tenuous at best, here is a screen shot of the description of the video in question (I’ve taken the liberty of adding a red box around the exact text, as well as a special note just for you):

  2. i hear about this some time ago .. i do not believe it is the real mammoth ..but a evolved version of said .. it’s physiology would be much different now if one was to compare to what it may have been millions of years ago. both externally and internally .. nothing stops evolution .. nothing .. (well man made events can alter or precipitate said) ..

    1. Careful, evolution isn’t the process at hand here. The actual process is natural selection. You may be correct in the fact, if they still exist that their physiology has changed. Read a very interesting article lately that was showing the possible reasons why their populations declined was a lack of minerals specifically calcium which was causing bone problems. But this may have been a more localized problem as well. Regardless the thought that they might still exist is a fascinating one.

      1. my stand on this is; it’s both evolution and selection .. they run hand in hand as you know. Your premise lacks a bit of refinement; it does have merit in discussion. But i believe if any do exist it would be due to the climatic factors over the lack or change of nutrients. It would adapt if it was created within that environment at inception. That could be a factor in it’s evolution. As we are due to our becoming agrarian. You know all this .. i love speaking to u .. Now always correct me if i am wrong ..i love criticism .. a good debate is rare these days .. 🙂 thank u

      2. Before we debate about this do you know the history of Sanskrit? Have you ever looked at the periodical table of elements and compared them with how the Sanskrit language? It’s very interesting. If words are power and the oldest language in the world closely relates to the PTE, is it to possible that a creator could have spoken the universe into being? Second evolution as we know it has many holes in it, it’s faulty. Even Darwin questioned its validity at the end of his life. So I question it as well. Personally I believe in progressive creationism. It’s very hard for me to believe that creation just happened after a big bang and took billions of years. I do believe that a creator must follow the laws He sets forth thus each species is created in a logical order. A whale cannot become a seal, a seal cannot become a dog and so forth. If this is true, than a mammoth can only evolve and change within certain parameters. I guess my point is this, I question everything. Except nothing for truth until every stone is overturned. If mammoths do exist today I suspect their numbers are quite few if any. My point in writing it was to bring awareness that the possibility might exist, therefore should be explored with an open-mind.

      3. RE:[It’s very hard for me to believe that creation just happened after a big bang and took billions of years.]

        Ha, y r very right about that, Steve.
        You intuition is telling y that it is smtg wrong with all that BigBang theory. =) And that is not directly b\c of creationism or smthg else… Well, Bigbang just sukcs by its own ) He-he.
        The same way as sucks Dark Matter and Dark Energy which are PURE pseudo-physical completely artificial and evidenceless formalism.

        The root of the problem is in almost religious woshiping of Einstein.
        General and special theories of relativity are not ideal and just not working on big scales what is already proved by pretty few observations.
        But instead of trying to figure out wut is wrong liberal minds decided to fix that lack of correspondence of reality with Einstein theory with simple coefficients, which leaded at the end to the lack of correspondence in simplifying\figurative saing “universe\ energy conservation law”. So explanation for this and another(more local galaxy scale) lacks was required and they invented it – Dark energy and Dark Matter.

        Well, to many techclue minds it’s a kind of fundamental hypocrisity =)

        The same situation with so-called BigBang.

        Real answers to both questions probably could be found in matter of undestanding real space-time geomethry\shape, structure of space anisothropy and model of space-time shape described with hypercomlex number systems.

        These are very intetersting fundamental physical, math and even philosophical subjects , but they are pretty huge and complex to describe deeply in comments. If one is interested – try to googe them or i can give Titles of some specific academ literature.

        p)s) Steve i picked up your email_adr-s. Will write you in a few ours.
        You can delete both contact data provided(your and mine)

  3. I rememberd one good movie what might be considered pretty good as introduction to the subjects i talked above:
    Anisotropic World Part 1 of 2:

    Anisotropic World Part 2 of 2:

    Also found here some not bad introduction specificaly to troubles of The Einsteins Theory of Relativity, BigBang theory troubles and formalism\artificialism of Dakr energy and D-matter.
    This video requires at least some basic knoweledge of theoretical, thermo-eletrodynamic-physics and “astromechanics” and sure math, but nevertheless can be pretty easely apprehend by average well educated folks.

    For more details one should plunge into Geomethry Theories of Space-Time eps. into Finsler space-geomethry, gravitaion studies(in essence sence)and some other science subjects.

    p.s. Exist book on Generalized Theory of Equivalence by its author S. Siparov. Superb reading! Theory is very harmoning and could explain a lot(almost all). Just need some experimental evidences some of wich could be found even now during app. 1-2 years of specific space observations (but some forces in academic science are likely not very happy in doing such observations 😉 ).

    1. RE:[Exist book on Generalized Theory of Equivalence by its author S. Siparov. Superb reading! Theory is very harmoning and could explain a lot(almost all).]

      I accidentally found this nice video, regarding book i once named above. So all curious folks can enjoy the introduction to this harmonic theory. 😉

      On the Foundations of the Generalized Theory of Equivalence

  4. I believe that it’s not necessary to clone woolly mammoths, because the woolly mammoth was a variation of Asian elephant that was adjusted to the cold climate of northern Asia. There is no point in cloning an elephant because elephants are not extinct. The only thing scientists should do in order to bring the woolly mammoth back is to use the Asian elephant as a substitute. The case of woolly mammoths is different from dinosaurs because there is no animal here today that resembles a sauropod dinosaur or a tricerotops dinosaur, but there is animals here today that resembles woolly mammoths today that can be used as substitutes such as Asian elephants.

    1. Oh… enother typical liberal mind with clip thinking…

      Today scientists can’t explain or even figure out how the metabolism will be changed in exact simple GMO plant.
      They even can’t explain ,for example, what new substances and various organic matters will be produced by a plant after genetic modification.

      In case with GMO potato plant “resistant” to potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) they will simply explain that this GMO potato has a resistant gene to potato beetle.

      And most average (pretty dumb) folks will eat that claim in literal and figurative sense: “I’m dumb! Dabudi-dabu-dai, Dabudi-dabu-dai…” lol 😀

      For normal ppl ,with good education without Discovery\NG\[put your favorite TV show] excrement in their heads, it is obvious that potato beetle have NO any build in PCR amplification tool as well as no any specific sense of genetic smell, which makes the little beattle able to smell the exact genes.

      Normal ppl understand that if potato beetle don’t eat the exact GMO potato, then such GMO potato plant should PRODUCE some kind of POISONOUS\HARMFUL\TOXIC substance\matter for potato beattle. But great GMO scientists can’t name it or explain the process. The just say TYPICAL BS for usual dumbasses that potato has beattle resistant gene.
      Ans sure there is no any guarantee that that that substance\organic matter (or substanceS) is not harmuful\toxic for human. Sure if they can’t name it. how can they say that it is safe? However, i bet, “british scientists” can say that or even more with proper funding… ehe-he-he ))))

      And this is main reason why GMO products are dangerous- new metabolism way in GMO plant and new substances, but not various bla-bla crap like acquirement of genes by human from GMO plant etc.

      Generally it might be considered as type of hypocrisy. just the same as price forming policy in Canada (prices named without tax and service). lol

      Or maybe you think, that scietists completely decoded human or some animal genome? Oh yeah… read more headlines and slogan claimed news sources, where deep analytical thinking is usually forbiden. 😉 Just like in the most modern education systems in the world.
      My dear, they decrypted only few percent and for other approx. 97-98% they used the same liberal approach about what a talked mnay times on this page – they called 97-98% of human genome “A useless genetic trash”.
      Very useful formalism: can not explain? – don’t explaine !
      he-he 😛

      So how ,damn, these scientists can modify the Asian elephant to mammoths if they can’t fix and afford with such simple things named above?

      The same time, clonning is relatively simple “mechanic” procedure. And have some probability of success ta least for normal reproduction start.

      This was an example reply with pretty brief explanatins. I don’t wanna write here another lecture.

  5. Some additional quality media info in regard of fundamental physical subjects mentioned in this thread.

    Maybe smbd will find this interesting. It is ,sure, not academical literature, but nevertheless can provide some general understanding of the possible fundamental conceptions of the real world outside of the common “official science matrix”.

    Generally this is continuation of the subject rised up in Anisotropic World movie, posted above.

    So here we go:

    Geometry of the Universe Part 1 of 3

    Geometry of the Universe Part 2 of 3

    Geometry of the Universe Part 3 of 3

    Multi Dimensional Time

    (bad audio, if one is not familiar with some physics and maths it might be hard to understand the narrator)

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