Mirror Reflections – Peru & Russia


Life in Peru

Jhonn Gonzales etches the attack plan into the dirt. His lookout gives a nod from behind binoculars, and the troop fans out silently across the parched plains. Then, commotion as the target appears: one dozen sprinting vicuñas — with 30 indigenous Aymara pursuers on their heels. Layered ankle-length skirts billow and native Aymara shouts fill the air as the villagers race after the pack, forcing them toward large nets. Cheers erupt when the last of the animals — a sleeker cousin of the llama — enters the corral. “It’s always a battle,” says Gonzales, a zoological engineer and adviser to Bolivia’s Association for the Commercialization of Vicuña Fiber or ACOFIV. “Today we won,” he says, out of breath.


Life in Russia

Mortality of 3 thousand saiga antelopes has been registered in Akmola and Karaganda oblasts in central Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of the Ministry of Environment Protection of Kazakhstan. About 1.5 thousand carcases of betpakdalinski saiga antelopes were found at southern, western and northern shores of Tengiz Lake. This type of saiga antelopes also inhabits lowlands and steppes. All the involved national and local authorities were informed about the animals’ die-off. The Ministry’s subordinate Committee of Forestry and Hunting in cooperation with the Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems and Veterinary Service of Karaganda Oblast are investigating the die-off site. Measures to find out the scale and causes of the mortality are being taken. The Ministry held an emergency briefing and arranged a group that will investigate the causes of the occasion. The group includes representatives of Ecology Departments of Akmola and Karaganda Oblasts, Veterinary Services, Emergency Situation Department, Internal Affairs Department and Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Service. Saiga antelopes mortality was registered in Kostanay Oblast in May 2012. The approximate number of dead antelopes exceeded 600 that time

Please read: http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2013/09/12/officials-investigate-the-mysterious-die-off-3000-saiga-antelopes-in-kazakhstan/


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