MIrror Reflections – Nigeria & Russia

Jos-Rock, Nigeria
Jos-Rock, Nigeria

Life in Nigeria

My name is Keli and I currently reside in Lagos, Nigeria with my wonderful husband, Matt, daughter, Lila, and two dogs, Duke and Major. My husband works in the oil industry and he was offered a position here in Lagos. We are in the process of getting settled since we just arrived in September of 2013. My hope is to keep my family and friends updated on our new city adventures and maybe help future expats with their move to Lagos.

Photography and Adventure are equal passions of mine. My photography style is realism and simplicity, and my specialty is “real” life. I seek to capture the intangibles in life: a candid shot of a family’s love as they look at one another, a single, weather-beaten door on the side of a history-laden building, a Peruvian sunrise over a god-like monument. Adventure is what I live for. Whether it is dining at a small restaurant in south Austin, hiking one of Alaska’s blue glaciers, or exploring an ancient Incan trail in the heart of the Andes – my passion lives in my travels.

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Life in Russia


I walked through Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Park, a.k.a. “the park across the street” for the last time on June 20th, then left for the airport.  I saved the best for last, my favorite place in Moscow, 30-seconds from the door of our apartment building.  As I waved good-bye, turned and walked away, I felt that I was leaving a friend.
A rather odd pairing, a park and a person.  Yet it’s true.  I have developed a deep relationship with acres of trails and trees, bushes and lakes, pointy-eared squirrels, serenading birds, a rickety bridge, flower gardens, secluded spots of solitude. . .with a faithful listener, an inspiring muse, and ever-accepting companion.

I knew that I my final blog posting from Russia would be about The Park, in celebration of her spirit………

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