Mirror Reflections – Mongolia & Russia

mongolian horse

Life in Mongolia

The afternoon of the Eagle Festival we had the chance to learn about a sport I’d heard of, but never seen.  Khaled Hosseini mentions it in The Kite Runner, and later in our trip, I read its name again in And the Mountains Echoed.  It’s a popular sport in Central Asia (don’t know your geography?  Central Asia is all the ‘Stans), but it sounds barbaric.  It’s called buzkashi.

It began with the players racing out onto the field on their horses, looping around the goals, and coming to the middle to trade handshakes……………….

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Life in Russia

My Motherland is Russia and my eternal Homeland is New York City. Italy is my escape and Scotland — my Promised Land.


I have spent most of my life between Moscow and the eastern seaboard of the United States. I consider myself more American than Russian when it comes to worldview, professional behavior, self-actualization and gender relations — romantic and otherwise. Yet I cannot imagine life without Gogol, ballet, potatoes, sour cream and dacha.


In this blog I recount all sorts of sociocultural oddities of living in Moscow, the pains and pleasures of returning to a country which is starkly different from the one I left more than 15 years ago, and all things New York and America that I miss the most. From the Russians’ fashionable obsession with sushi to their medieval attitudes toward marriage, from extreme weather to tourist attractions, from personal struggles to national headlines, I attempt to chronicle all things that baffle, frustrate and  delight me in this country……………

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