Mirror Reflections – Mauritius & Russia


Life in Mauritius

I’m sure it happens in other like-minded countries (which I won’t mention in case I upset Jean-Pierre from France!).


But why am I charged more than a local?


We’re not rich.


What money we have, we worked hard for, and certainly didn’t make it by cheating people.


Even a rich Mauritian will pay less than me.


It’s because I’m a foreigner (I have Mauritian parents, but was born overseas) and I can’t speak Creole.


Even when I speak French to them, a lot of locals think I’m Italian – they even argue with me:


“No, Madame, you are not Mauritian – you are Italian!”


Must be my accent.


Anyway, being overcharged…just a quick example………………

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Life in Russia

There’s nothing that makes a person feel more alive than really taking in the simple beauty of nature.  I was finally able to make it to the Botanical Gardens outside of Novosibirsk last Sunday.  Like most things around here, you have to have a strong desire to go somewhere or do something since the idea of community outreach or advertisement is relatively new; so after a bus rid and marshrutka ride we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere.  Literally.  Happily, the ‘middle of nowhere’ is usually somewhere between your intended destination and a little village.  I spotted an ever present mini market so I wasn’t too annoyed about lack of signage, the weather was still beautiful and you could hear birds chirping.  It’s not possible to remain in a sour mood when the sun is shining, the temperature isn’t burning and you can hear friendly wildlife. 

The lush green trees were breathtaking.  I used to be really good at identifying trees, but over the years I’m afraid I have lost my touch.  Yes, most of Russia is covered in birch trees, but that’s not to say that there other forms of vegetation here.  For example, oaks and cotton and what I can only describe as lipa trees.  Like all cities it’s hard to appreciate how beautiful this world really is, and the only way is to drag yourself out of the city.

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