Blogs are like Apple Pie

Internations Recommended Expat Blogs:


I wonder if Peter Merholz had any idea what would happen when he coined the phrase “blog”.  In 2012 there were 87.8 million – Tumblr blogs on the web and 59.4 million  WordPress sites around the world. So you might ask with these kinds of numbers how will my blog ever compete in the blogging world. First remember blogs are as different as Apple pie and Yablochnvi Pirog (Russian Apple pie), same ingredients just a different look on the outside. If a person is hunting for the best apple pie he could search far and wide, or find the best bake shop and shop there. It’s not much different with a blog, there are as many ways one could find a blog. But the absolute best way is to display your blog in the right shop. Internations just so happens to be that shop. Here you will find the creme de la creme of Expat blogs. I’ve personally been a member of Internations for about a year and recently discovered that they feature the best blogs of their members. I know this because I found one them by accident, she has a great blog. If you get a chance visit: Expat Eye on Latvia, then you will understand. As I explore the net I’ve found some of the best expat blogs land at “Internations”.


5 thoughts on “Blogs are like Apple Pie

  1. Thank you again! I’m glad I started writing my blog before I looked at those numbers! It’s true though – I never dreamed that people all over the world would be looking at a little blog about Latvia! It’s an amazing (slightly addictive!) experience! Keep up the good work!

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