Picture of the Day – Oct. 8

177696_lEven our Penguins dress up for winter.

Meteorologists are predicting it’s going to be a very cold winter this year in Europe and Russia. This may be true but the best way to know is to watch and see how the animals are reacting, how are they preparing? By my careful examination of animal behavior I think we should expect it to be a very cold one, dogs wearing Velinki boots, Penguins putting on their winter coats, Monkeys are bundling up, Giraffes are putting on a extra layer of fat, “Yep” we are going to have a very harsh winter this year.


4 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – Oct. 8

    1. Weeeee, willlll, seeeeee, it’s already cold here. So……..hoping they will turn on the heat soon. Welcome to Russia. Heat isn’t turned on until it’s negative five degrees.

      1. Oh Christ! That’s even worse than here! Mine is on now – but it seems they were premature as the temp has risen to 14 again! Still, I’m not complaining! 🙂

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