Mirror Reflections – Aruba & Russia


Life in Aruba

The language of Aruba.  So many people as me… Do they speak Spanish? English? So many people who have never visited Aruba or have been educated would never venture to guess that Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean Island.  Once Part of the Netherland Antilles.  The National Language of Aruba is Dutch.  But, If you know Aruba…then you know the Native Language is Papiamento.  In 2003, Papiamento became along side Dutch at the Nationally Recognized languages of Aruba.  Although, no worries if you do not speak either, almost every single person living on the island is fluent in Dutch, Papiamento, English and Spanish, as well as some speak French and Portugese.  Amazing…

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LIfe in Sochi

Welcome everyone,

I am French Student of Sport Event Management and Sustainable Developement in Aix-Marseille University, I work in the French National Ski School as Ski & Snowboard Instructor since 2006.

I am going to spend 3 months in the Sochi Region (Russia) in order to publsih  my Master thesis about Ski Toursism in Russia. Inside Sotchi 2014 community will introduce everything you must know about the area, sport activities, typical food & beverage, way of life, Olympic Games infrastructures, business opportunities, political strategies and many more. All the contains will be added by local citizen, mostly students in the highest level of Tourism, languages and Journalism.

If you have any questions and reccomendations please go for it. Enjoy your visit!

Visit: http://insidesochi2014.wordpress.com/

Lucas Dyen



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