Mirror Reflections – Laos & Russia


Life in Laos

For centuries, Lao and Thai people have reported a strange natural phenomenon that takes place at a certain time each year. Near the night of the full moon, legend has it that the Naga (a sea serpent creature) comes near the surface in the Mekong river near Nong Khai and breathes balls of fire into the sky. Strange as the rumor seems, every year, thousands of people flock to the river banks lining the area a wait for the event, and……. It happens. From whatever source, flaming balls of fire do erupt from the surface of the river and fly into the sky. The exact cause of the event has been explained from everything from balls of methane “swamp gas” to the great Naga itself.

The Blogger

A Finn living in Laos on the shores of the great Mekong river. Hopefully not too irregular records of adventures and experiences as I get to know the country, its people and their culture piece by piece.



Life in Russia

Russian Universe is a special project covering various topics from the ‘Russian perspective’, i.e. in relation to and through the lens of ‘Russianness’ (the way the author understands it). Thus, Russian Universe can be simply presented as a formula:

Russian Universe = Russianness × (language + culture + history + heritage + art + customs + traditions + lifestyle + identity + etc.) × Author‘s Worldview

Visit: http://russianuniverse.org/



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