Mirror Reflections – Faroe Islands & Russia


Life on Faroe Islands

Hi, I’m Anina. I grew up in Denmark – a small country in Scandinavia.. northern europe. What can I say about that, it’s my background – this small country with a mild climate, and a landscape and a language that are similar to each other – they’re both flat and boring! Sorry, I shouldn’t say that about my language and country, but I’m a bit envious on our Norweigan and Swedish neighbours who has such beautiful landscapes and languages.

The thing is – I love nature, I love mountains, valleys and hiking in such wilderness. There’s not much of that in Denmark!

So I’ve moved away, and settled in an even smaller and remote part of the world – the Faroe Islands – and I love its rough climate, to hike in the mountains and learn this “high” and very difficult language. The reason why I live there, is that I met a wonderful man from that country. The Faroes, by the way, is situated in the North Atlantic, between Iceland and Norway, north of Scotland. I’ll write about my life in the Faroe Islands in my blog, so enough about that here.

Visit: http://aninaholbek.wordpress.com/


Life in Far East Russia

The Russian Hope for Life homes are located in the Primorsky Krai region of far east Russia. We work to provide a christian home to orphaned children. Each home has a christian couple that were selected to provide the love and care these children so desperately need.

This blog is designed to provide a periodic update of what life in Russia is really like as well as an update on how things are going in our two homes. To learn more about the ministry, please visit our main website by clicking on the Hope for Life Home logo on the right side of the screen.

Visit: http://hflhomes.wordpress.com/


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