Mirror Reflections – Bosnia-Herzegovina & Russia


Life in Bosnia-Herzegovina

I am a 30 something South African living and working in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have been here since 2003. Before that I was in Zenica, near Sarajevo, for 2 years.

I belong to an organisation called Youth with A Mission/YWAM and serve here as a volunteer for the Humanitarian Aid Organisation “MOST” (“Bridge”), which works alongside the local Protestant Church “Hriscanska Zajednica” (“Christian Fellowship“).

I hope you enjoy seeing some of what I am up to, and how I experience life as I try to bring God’s love in action to the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visit: http://beeinbosnia.blogspot.ru/


Life in Russia

The first thing my grandmother’s sister Luba said to me was “Well! You’re not nearly as fat as you looked on your pictures!” The first thing my grandmother said to her was “Luba! Aren’t you wearing a bra?!” After affirming that she was, Aunt Luba pushed us all into the largest room of her Penza apartment and started accosting my grandmother.

“I know you’re older than me Valia,” she said “but I couldn’t believe it when I heard that you were visiting our people in Saransk and you weren’t even planning to come see me!” This was true. Although the city of Penza is just a two-hour drive away, my grandmother had not originally planned to see her sister whom she hadn’t visited since 2003………….

Visit: http://newspblife.wordpress.com/


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