Mirror Reflections – Switzerland & Russia


Life in Switerland

My name is Cíntia, I’m a blogger, journalist and social media expert born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. I moved to Geneva, Switzerland, in January 8th, 2013. I’m here to join my husband, who works in the financial sector. As you can imagine, it is a life change for us. Different country, continent, language, culture and, mostly, different weather…It’s being both very exciting and very challenging. The purpose of this weblog is to register my memories and share my experiences as a foreigner on this lovely country and city and to aid others in the same situation to adjust smoothly.

Visit: http://jhabiteageneve.wordpress.com/


Life in Russia

Snow in June. No, but there are billions of white spores flying everywhere like a blizzard for two weeks every spring, and accumulating wherever they can. One cannot leave the windows open during this period, no matter how nice the weather. For all my life I never experienced any allergies in the US spring, but I surely do notice them here!

(PS — I need to find out what tree is so sexually prolific…will let you know)

Visit: http://www.mymoscowblog.com/


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