Mirror Reflections – Lithuania & Russia


Life in Lithuania

Sadly, my time in Palanga is coming to an end. I’ve had a wonderful few days here, so as most people (outside the Baltics or Russia) wouldn’t normally think of Lithuania as a sun holiday destination, I thought I’d do my bit to promote it here, with a sort of rough guide based on my experiences.

Visit: http://expateyeonlatvia.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/beer-and-slothing-in-palanga/


Life in Russia

“It is hard to describe Altai or indeed anything which moves one so deeply in a place that is unaccustomed to words. It is not enough to describe the colours, the light, the people one meets or the landscape. This would be relatively easy. One tries as much to capture that which Altai touches in oneself that one did not know was there, and the wholeness or mystery of Altai which lies in no one thing and can be elucidated by no one field of knowledge.” Joanna

Visit: http://altaipilgrim.wordpress.com/

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