Mirror Reflections – Croatia & Russia


Life in Croatia

Well, we are a forty fifty-something couple, with a dream.
The dream of one day owning a holiday home somewhere by the sea, our very own “Place in the Sun”.
Why?… well why not?

Having lived most of our lives in a chaotic, cosmopolitan, exciting, attractive, great European capital city like London, we often wondered what if we could own a property abroad, where we could spend lots of holidays and “quality time” in a warmer climate, where the sky is not always grey and overcast.

Don’t get me wrong, life in London is good. We enjoy the buzz of the city, the work opportunities, all the various cultural events, green spaces, great architecture, long and illustrious history, theaters, museums and art, eclectic mix of people……but…..there is always a but. The rain, the long cold winters, the grey skies, the short summers where we cannot plan a BBQ or picnic in confidence that it will be sunny, the stress and speed of city life. Sounds familiar to you?….

Visit: http://adventureincroatia.wordpress.com/


Life in Russia

I was born in England, and now I am living in Moscow. I never expected to live in my home country all my life, but every day I am still surprised and amazed to find myself living here of all places – in Russia. This sense of amazement is what inspires me to write this.

I am the Invisible Woman, but you may also call me Sarah

Visit: http://www.sarahsemyanik.com/diaryinvisible/


One thought on “Mirror Reflections – Croatia & Russia

  1. hello Steve and thanks for the pingback. What a great idea in your blog to do the Mirror Reflections. I will come back to read more. Thanks again for mentioning Our Adventure in Croatia. 🙂

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