Mirror Reflections – Ghana & Russia


Life in Ghana

Hi, I was born in 1946. At present I am an innkeeper. In a former lifetime I was a school teacher and administrator. I am married to a Ghanaian. We have two wonderful kids, one here in Ghana and the other in Canada. As a young man I spent ten years in Africa. Now we have been back since 1999, plenty of time to see what life and business is all about and hopefully plenty of time to try to create awareness with the hope that there may be  a hint of change around me……..

Visit: http://madinghana.wordpress.com/


Life in Russia

This is a small journal documenting parts of my year abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia where I studied at the European University (http://eu.spb.ru/en/) and tried to experience a bit of the post-Soviet space. I hope you enjoy reading my experiences in the Motherland, a land I grew to love very much and hope to spend more time in in future years.

Visit: http://lifeinrussia.wordpress.com/about/

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