Mirror Reflections – Iraq & Russia (Former USSR)


Life in Iraq

Well its been more than 6 months since I have landed here. So thought about sharing my experience for those of you who might be toying with the idea of coming to this place  for $$$$. I work for a large Telco .i.e. Asiacell Iraq. I arrived here with my wife and an 18 months baby girl in August 2011. I am living in a relatively upscale neighborhood with company provided accommodation in a very nice compound with decent and well educated neighbors.  Recently I rented out a car , a simple Nissan Sunny Classic at  450 USD per month. This was just to give you my point of view for the discussion below and was not to flaunt anything that I have…..

visit: http://aatifjamal.wordpress.com/


Life in Kazakstan

Kazakhstan’s geographical and geopolitical position has played a vital role in promoting the country’s development. Located in the center of Eurasia, Kazakhstan is at the crossroads of the world’s most ancient civilizations and trade routes. It has been a land of social, economic, and cultural exchange between East and West, North and South, and major Eurasian nations. At different stages of its history, various states emerged, developed, and contributed to the land that became today’s Kazakhstan.

Visit: http://www.edgekz.com/


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