Mirror Reflections – Bangladesh & Russia


Life in Bangladesh

My family have loved Bangladesh for over 6 years now.


We first came to know of it when we became friends with a family who had been living here for well over 15 years at the time. They worked at an NGO project called LAMB which primarily gives health and medical care to one of the poorest areas in Bangladesh.


It was my wife who first came out in 2005 for a few weeks to experience the culture and give help and support to the Therapy department. She was hooked, as I was when I read her emails every day telling me about life here.


It was inevitable that the following year we would both come out and bring our two children with us. I had not realised that LAMB also had a school and that there was work I could do here………

Visit: http://kenthinksaloud.wordpress.com/how-we-got-here-2/


Life in Russia

My name is Hope and I am a graduate of Gordon College. A tea-lover, language nerd, and follower of Jesus Christ, I love to write about faith, paradox and all things Russian. I am currently getting ready to spend a year in Elabuga, Tatarstan (a republic within Russia) as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Since I set foot on Russian soil ten years ago, my love for the culture, language, and people has steadily grown with each passing year. I am elated to have the opportunity to fulfill my dream of living in Russia for an extended period of time, and I hope you’ll join me as I chronicle my journey!

Visit: http://missadventuresrussia.wordpress.com/


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