Famous Poets of Kazan – Part I

pushkin Alexander Pushkin is one of many poets who has either lived or visited Kazan, but he is probably one of the most well know Russian poets throughout the world. 2013 marks the anniversary of 180 years from when he visited Kazan.

He visited in September of 1833 to work on his novel about the events of the “Peasants War” of 1773-1774. It was in Kazan that he did his research for his book, “History of Pugachev”.

In his journal he writes: ” In continuation of the last two years I was engaged in some historical research , did not write a single line of literature . I need to spend two months in complete isolation , to take a break from the important lessons and finish a book , started a long time … If you want to know what kind of book I want to finish in the village: a novel , whom most of the action takes place in Orenburg and Kazan, and that’s why I’d like to visit both of these provinces ” – Count Pushkin A.H.Benkendorfu , the end of July 1833

It was on this visit that he stayed at the Noble Assembly, the hotel itself was located in the right wing of the house of the merchant Dryablova. This hotel was already famous at this point since Empress Catherine II stayed here during her visit to Kazan.

This building still stands today and is located on Peter and Paul Lane (now St. Rakhmatullina , 6 ), the today is in a sad state of repair with the roof missing and wall crumbling. It has become another place for those who are searching for abandoned places in Russia.









8 thoughts on “Famous Poets of Kazan – Part I

  1. Thank you for bringing him to the forefront: hope this translation is worthy of his poetry!

    “In alien lands I keep the body
    Of ancient native rites and things:
    I gladly free a little birdie
    At celebration of the spring.

    I’m now free for consolation,
    And thankful to almighty Lord:
    At least, to one of his creations
    I’ve given freedom in this world! “

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