Mirror Reflections – Thailand & Russia


Life In Thailand

I miss the forest where I used to live in Georgia. We had a home with trees all around that connected to a large plot owned by a paper company. My dog and I would take long walks in the solitude of giant oaks, dogwoods, redbuds and fields of twenty year old pines. The pines waited patiently to be harvested then to be turned into news print, books and whatever the need of the day. I only thought of them that way when I heard trucks moving in to pillage the forest. I enjoyed their company and silence.

Here in Thailand, even with a small farm, solitude is a commodity in short supply. For a people who cherish being around one another it’s the perfect place. I enjoy it too, but there are many times I want to go about unnoticed. When I step out my door I know someone somewhere is watching to see what I’ll do next, so I look for some small place I can sit and think without eyes watching. I don’t have any bad thoughts about the villagers observing me—after all I’m unique, to them. I enjoy the attention most of the time………

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Life in Russia

I grew up the first four years of my life in Colorado where our family would spend our summers on Trout Lake,  I would watch my Grandfather and father fly fishing the streams and learned to do so myself. Then at the age of six years old our father moved us to Maryland to a little town called Mt. Airy, my memories there are quite fond. They were filled with scouring the woods with friends hunting for snakes, salamanders, and what ever else we would find. During the summers we would shoot off our Estes rockets and in winter we’d gather up our sleds and slide down the hills. It seemed we moved about ever 4 to 5 years so staying in one place has never really appealed to me. Friendships would change too, by the time I was a teenager we had moved from Colorado to Maryland, then California and finally graduated from high school in another small town in Southern Nevada, by the name of Boulder City.

During my adult life I’ve done about the same thing. I’ve moved about every 10 years since then. I’ve live in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, Southern California, Utah, Wyoming, and finally the last 10 years in the great northwest. I think this is where my life finally started coming together as I would spend lots of time in the woods of the Columbia Gorge and Mt. St. Helen’s area.

The next chapter of my life will be occurring in Russia. The first year has been a most interesting one, growing, learning, and understanding the people I’ve chosen to live with. It’s been challenging at times but well worth it. Come join me as I share my “Life in Russia”.

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3 thoughts on “Mirror Reflections – Thailand & Russia

  1. You have many wonderful memories. I recall an area in NY where we used to horseback ride; it was adjacent to farm land. But it too fell victim to “progress” and alas…no longer there.

    1. I have wondered about this myself. The woods behind the neighbor’s house use to be vast. I remember not long ago finding it on Google Earth and could tell not much was left. Alas the “progress” you speak of is inevitable. The memories will remain, but trying to return would cause a internal cry that I’m not sure I could handle.

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