5 thoughts on “Small Acts of Kindness – Russia

  1. How’s life in Russia? I had my first experience with Russian food over the weekend in D.C. Awesome!!! Borscht is truly comfort food. I’ve been searching for a similar recipe–it included oxtail and caraway. I also ate a 1000-year-old recipe for salmon (or so I was told by the server, and he seemed honest) and blini. A great meal. I can’t wait to go back. If you’re eating as well as we did, you must be thoroughly enjoying the cuisine. Elizabeth

    1. “Life in Russia”, grows in understanding every day. I’m so excited that you got to experience a little of mother Russia.through her cuisine, she truly can be delightful.
      I know that you can find many different recipes on the internet, but from time to time when I find good recipes I like to post them.
      One thing you may find is if you continue to eat true Russian dishes your weight will come down if this happens to be an issue for you. Personally since I’ve arrived here, I’ve lost probably 25 lbs. just by eating their normal diet. It may not work for everyone but for me it worked.
      I’m so glad you thought to share with me your experiences, it must mean you enjoy “Life in Russia” look forward to hearing from you again. Steve

      1. 25 lbs–wow!!! How long have you been there?
        I found a Borscht recipe that looks good but has no meat. I’ll try it with an added beef shank and see what happens. Borscht is one of those foods you crave. Can’t wait to visit my daughter in DC again so we can go back to the restaurant.

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