So are the “Russians Really Coming”?


What the Russians Say About U.S.


It seems to me that Americans don’t know where to put Russia now. Under Brezhnev, we were the evil empire; under Gorbachev, we became friends, and then a failed state, a Burkina Faso with nuclear weapons. Under Yeltsin, at first we were a young democracy to pat on the shoulder; under Putin, we again became the empire of evil, although a toothless one. Where is Russia now? What is she planning to do? Are we a run-of-the-mill corrupt oil-state like Nigeria, or does the presence of nuclear weaponry complicate things? If I were an American, I wouldn’t bother to think about the curious Russian soul but would look at the naked facts. Russia isn’t planning to invade anyone, and the conflict with Georgia was just to keep the things as they are. Therefore, from the military point of view, Russia is harmless. As far as economics is concerned, Russia doesn’t present any interest to the U.S.A., with the exception of a couple of rare earth metals. Although Russia is one of the primary exporters of oil, its behavior in this regard is at least predictable.

In conclusion: there’s no need to classify Russia and place it in some group of countries. We, like China, are a separate planet. When it comes to predicting the future, not even Russians can do that. For now, the situation is better than 30 years ago, and the appearance of private capital in the country allows one to hope that Russia will be part of the global community.

A quote from the “The New York Times

Misinformation on Facebook


As posted on Facebook, July 2, 2013:

  • #FEMA signs deal w/ Russian troops to patrol U.S. events.
  • Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster
  • FEMA Plans to Use Russian Troops in U.S. WOW!!! Good luck America!!! People need to rise before its to late!
  • Make sure you have plan to keep your family safe. This sounds like a bad movie. This should scare the crap out of you. Obama and the left are bringing America to it’s knees. According to the terms of a deal signed in Washington last week, Russian soldiers will soon be allowed to patrol American soil, “to provide security at mass events.”

As shared via Twitter and Facebook on July 2, 2013:


Is it true that FEMA signed an agreement to deploy Russian troops to provide security at mass events in the U.S.A.?

No, that’s a fictional claim based on an real agreement signed by representatives of FEMA and the Russian Emergency Ministry on June 25, 2013 stating that the two countries will share the expertise of first responders and emergency managers as part of an ongoing collaborative emergency preparedness program originally launched in 1996 and last renewed in 2007. The agencies also agreed to collaborate on improving protections against meteorite impacts and other space threats.  Nowhere in the agreement was it mentioned in any official announcements that Russia would agree to deploying Russian troops on U.S. soil, let alone 15,000 of them.

A Russian news agency RIA Novosti confirmed that there will be no exchange of security or military personnel under the agreements, which was backed up by a quote from a FEMA spokesperson.

Misinformative reports about the terms of the agreements issued from standard conspiracy theorist venues such as the European Union Times (“Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops for ‘Upcoming’ Disaster,” original article credited to Sorcha Faal) and Alex Jones‘ Infowars website (“Russian Forces to Provide ‘Security’ at U.S. Events,” written by Paul Joseph Watson), none of which provided documentation for their hyperbolic claims other than the sources that have shared above.

So the only real war is between

Obama and Putin



8 thoughts on “So are the “Russians Really Coming”?

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    1. Interesting question, my opinion is that the west ultimately wants to control the nations of the world, Ukraine is just a pawn with Russia being the prize. I suspect what they are really after is controlling the oil fields and would love to get their hands on the resources that are within Russian borders, will be posting more about this in the future.

      1. By ‘the West’, I assume you are referring primarily to post colonial powers like the US and the UK? As far as we’re concerned here in Australia, we just follow the reports from the oligarch owned US media by and large. I’m no expert, but the perception here is that Putin made a strategic play for the Crimea and is making a delib erate incursion into Eastern Ukraine in order to expand Russian borders taken after WW2 and what was seen as the unfair advantage of the Allied powers back then. We see the people of Ukraine as pawns in a much larger game that also involves the hegemonic powers of the US and of Russia. Part of this is the doing of the US and the UK of course. Russia did not ever want Ukraine to be part of NATO, and the US, after WW2 sought to expand it’s own power base Eastwards so it could strike at Russian influence in future if it ever got too large. I think this has backfired because the US cannot afford to be involved in yet another war on foreign soil, especially against Russia. Putin knows this and will continue to expand Russian influence into Ukraine. I’ve spoken to some Ukrainians about this, and the attitude amongst younger Ukrainians is that Putin is threatening Ukrainian sovereignty. I strongly suspect Ukraine is the pawn here. US has more of its own internal oil supplies now of course, partly to alleviate dependence on Saudi oil as well. I doubt there is any thought of taking Russian territory outright, but I think the goal is to reduce competition to American territorial and military power, and to maintain Asian slave states so that US companies can turn large profits off the back of slave wages. War, of course, is also a big money earner for certain companies, and so any sort of tension, lke the former Cold War, is ‘good’ for their business.

      2. What everyone fails to remember is that Russia was already in Crimea, so to say they invaded it just doesn’t work. We also have many friends that live in Russia plus we’ve seen and spoken to those who escaped.
        Most that we’ve spoken to have said that the Ukrainian military is targeting civilians indiscriminately which gives one pause to think maybe things aren’t as they appear. Here’s a little allegory:

        There are two wolf packs – the first wolf pack sees Ukraine as a dog, the other sees it as at a brother wolf, the first pack might mate with it but ultimately sees it as a meal, the other pack says come help us hunt. Tell me which one would you choose? This is why Ukraine has made a mistake, it would rather eat scraps than hunt with wolves. But then it’s only my opinion.
        So in conclusion both wolf packs will tear apart Ukraine for their own interest, neither truly caring about the result, sad but true. War is never the answer – see my other post here.

      3. I’d agree that the only losers here are the Ukrainians who desire peace and sovereignty. I’d agree that Crimea is largely ethnically Russian and has strong ties, but I don’t see a reason why the Ukrainian miltary would target its own civilians. The situation is a mess and resports of the truth are different in different media. If Ukraine is a sovereign nation, then do you not think that the Russian miltary should pull out its forces? Or do you not believe that Ukraine should be its own independent country? I’d agree that the EU has made mistakes with Ukraine and Ukraine has probably made a mistake in entertaining thoughts of joining the EU, but does that warrant military action? What’s clear here is that there are powerful people who do not believe that Ukraine has a right to sovereignty at the expense of other nations. It would serve US interests if Ukraine joined the EU, but it would also mean more egg on Russia’s national face of they did. The people who suffer here are the Ukrainian people who remember all too well the famines and deaths under early and brutal Soviet leaders who played the song of nationalism to them.

      4. The answers are truly complex, I can only share what I see from my viewpoint “only”. Ukraine has it’s right to sovereignty as Russia has the same right to protect it’s interests as well. The US government and the EU are advancing their ideological agenda which I just happen to disagree with. You and I can banter but we both must remember what the end-game is, who will rule the world? I’m not sure I want it to come from western ideals. Tyranny comes in forms, Western Expansionism just happens to be one of them.

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