Moscow’s Ten most Beautiful Churches



1. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow (Russia)

The most famous in Moscow is no doubt St. Basil’s Cathedral located in the Red Square and built in the geometric centre of Moscow. This unique structure is striking in its beauty and vivid colours, with no analogues in Russian architecture. St. Basil’s Cathedral was built in 1554 by the order of Ivan IV named “The Terrible”, to commemorate the capture of the Kazan capital of the Khanate of Kazan and the last stronghold of Tatar-Mongolian invaders.  According to legend, the architect was blinded after its completion in order not to replicate such a beauty elsewhere! It is unsurprisingly a UNESCO world heritage site.


2. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The Cathedral lies on the bank of the Moskva River, a few blocks west of the Kremlin. It is the tallest Orthodox church in the world. The original Cathedral had been built in 1839—1883, but was demolished during the Soviet time. Rebuilt once again, it is the main and largest cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church, having a capacity for some 10000 people.


3. Immaculate Conception Catholic Cathedral

The neo-gothic Immaculate Conception Catholic Cathedral is beautiful and the largest Catholic building in Russia.

Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki

4. Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki

Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki (Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki ) – Orthodox Church in Moscow , is located at: Lev Tolstoy Street , 2 ( near the metro station Park Kultury and Frunze Embankment ). The church was built in 1679-1682 years . royal weavers in the village ( Khamovniki ). Moscow architectural monument of the XVII century .


5. The Church of the Intercession at Fili

The Church of the Intercession at Fili (Russian: Це́рковь Покрова́ в Филя́х) is a Naryshkin baroque church commissioned by the boyar Lev Naryshkin in his suburban estate Fili; the territory has belonged to City of Moscow since 1935. It is located at 6, Novozavodskaya Street (near Bolshaya Filyovskaya Street).


5. Nativity Church at Putinki

The temple was built at Tsar Fedor Alekseevich time in 1679-82, in Khamovniki. It is constructed in style of Moscow baroque. In the 18th century- was built a chapel of St. Demetrius Rostovskiy, It was later replaced by a chapel of the icon of Our Lady “Surety of Sinners”. M: Park Kultury.

Magic of Moscow: The Cathedral of the Holy Vivifying Trinity

6. The Church of the Holy Trinity at the Borisovo Ponds

The Church of the Holy Trinity at the Borisovo Ponds (храм Троицы в Орехове-Борисове) is a metochion of the Patriarch of Moscow on the Kashira Highway in Orekhovo-Borisovo, a residential district in South Moscow. It was built in 2001-2004 to a Byzantine Revival design by Vladimir Kolosnitsyn, an architect favored by Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Apart from the 70-metre-tall main church, the compound includes a chapel, a free-standing prothesis, a zvonnitsa, and a school. The interior has an icon screen made of porcelain and the academic wall paintings by Vasily Nesterenko. The church was originally slated to be erected in 1988, in commemoration of the millennium of the Baptism of Rus, but those plans did not materialize until 15 years later.


7. The Saint Sophia Church in Middle Sadovniki

The Saint Sophia Church in Middle Sadovniki (церковь Софии в Средних Садовниках) is a mid-17th-century Russian Orthodox parish church standing on the Balchug Island opposite the Moscow Kremlin.The church of Saint Sophia is believed to have been founded by the merchants from the city of Novgorod, where the Saint Sophia Cathedral is the main sanctuary.The church gives its name to the Sofievskaya Embankment of the Moskva River. The ornate building next to the church is the headquarters of the Rosneft, the world’s largest listed oil company.The mauve frontage is dominated by a tapering bell tower rising above the entrance. The openwork belfry was designed in the 1860s so as to echo the Kremlin towers across the river. The revivalist design is by Nikolay Kozlovsky. The church was closed for worship between 1930 and 2004. Inside the main building was a kommunalka.


8. Church of Archangel Gabriel

Menshikov Tower (Russian: Меншикова башня), also known as the Church of Archangel Gabriel, is a Baroque Russian Orthodox Church in Basmanny District of Moscow, within the Boulevard Ring. The church was initially built in 1707 to order of Alexander Menshikov by Ivan Zarudny assisted by Domenico Trezzini, a team of Italian-Swiss craftsmen from Ticino and Freyburg cantons and Russian stonemasons from Kostroma and Yaroslavl. The earliest extant Petrine Baroque building in Moscow, Menshikov Tower was substantially altered in 1770s. The church traditionally functioned in summer only; in winter the congregation assembled in nearby Church of Theodor Stratelates, built in 1782–1806. Church of Saint Theodore also provides the bells for ritual ringing: despite its height, Menshikov Tower does not have bells.



9. Church of the Ascension, Kolomenskoye

Kolomenskoye (Russian: Коло́менское) is a former royal estate situated several kilometers to the southeast of the city center of Moscow, Russia, on the ancient road leading to the town of Kolomna (hence the name). The 390 hectare scenic area overlooks the steep banks of the Moskva River. It became a part of Moscow in the 1960s.


10. Iberian Gate and Chapel

Resurrection Gate (Russian: Воскресенские ворота, also called Иверские ворота, or Iberian Gate) is the only existing gate of the Kitai-gorod in Moscow. It connects the north-western end of Red Square with Manege Square and gives its name to nearby Voskresenskaya Square (Resurrection Square). The gate adjoins the ornate building of the Moscow City Hall to the east and the State Historical Museum to the west. Just in front of the chapel is a bronze plaque marking kilometre zero of the Russian highway system.


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