Mirror Reflection – Tanzania & Russia


Life in Tanzania


Karibu sana! This blog describes the adventures of some Aussies volunteering at the Kigamboni Community Centre in Tanzania. The Centre is run entirely by (mostly local) volunteers who offer all kinds of learning and talent development opportunities to over 300 disadvantaged children. These include academic classes, English, acrobatics, dance, handcrafts, sport, and much more. For more information, check out their website: www.kccdar.com.

Visit: http://nextstoptanzania.wordpress.com/2012/06/25/this-is-life-in-tanzania/


Life in the USSR

“my goal is to capture images which tell the story of life on belgradestreets, record the essence of life in a city not yet overrun by global culture and repetitive brands, however rundown, every street overflows with life, colour, history and character, streets on which the people are full of determination, memories and hopes for the future, a friendly city which throws its arms open, with enthusiasm, welcoming visitors into its embrace

welcome to belgradestreets through my eye…”

Visit: http://belgradestreets.com/blog/


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