“Dashka stone” reveals – Pre Global Flood – Civilization


There has always been a question that has plagued modern society. If there truly was a global flood shouldn’t there be traces of the civilization/civilizations that occurred before this event? Can a civilization, so very old, disappear without a single trace?  Surprisingly if one does a bit of research on the internet there is mounting evidence and a number of artifacts that do exist that offer such proof. One of the least know of these artifacts was found in Russia in 1999. Aleksandr Chuvyrov, a professor of physics and mathematics at Bashkir State University, in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, founded in 1909. He along with one of his students discovered the stone in 1999. Previous to this finding while researching a hypothesized Chinese migration into Siberia and the Ural region, during this time they found several rock carvings done in Old Chinese language. These finds confirmed the hypothesis of Chinese migrants. The subscriptions were read. They mostly contained information about trade bargains, marriage and death registration. But Chuvyrov and his team also discovered, in the archives of the governor-general of Ufa, some references to 200 engraved tablets, of highly unusual character, in or near the village of Chandar. In 1998 he set out to find the tablets, and when he didn’t find them, he assumed that he had stumbled upon a mere legend–until a local official told him, on July 21, 1999, that he had one of the tablets, buried in his back yard.

map_creador_12This stone is in fact a map, in bas-relief, showing part of the region in which it lay, worked to a scale of about 1:1100. Clearly identifiable on it are the Sutolka and Ufimka rivers. But the map also shows something else: a gigantic irrigation system, having two sets of irrigation canals and twelve massive dams that, if represented in their proper scale, must have required the shifting of a septillion of cubic meters of earth to build. (One French-language source says that the canal between the Volga and Don rivers looks like a mere scratch in comparison.) The map even has a tracing of the Belaya River–but implies that the Belaya was originally part of this irrigation system, and perhaps the only feature of it that survived.

SterlyaThe stone weighs nearly one metric ton and measures 1.48 meters tall, 1.06 meters wide, and 16 cm thick. This thickness consists of three layers. The thickest layer is of dolomite and gives it its hardness. Next comes a layer of dilopside, and this is the layer that was actually worked–and radiographic evidence indicates that this layer was not worked by hand–and the precise technique of workmanship has not been determined yet. The last layer is a calcium-porcelain layer that has protected the image from the elements.

Researchers initially thought that the stone was 3000 years old–but local paleontological evidence, including the finding of fossil remains somehow worked into the image, suggest that this object came from a geological era conventionally assumed to be 120 million years in the past. Yet as well as being a worked object–and an object not worked by hand, either–it has writing on its side. Chuvyrov and his colleages at first took this writing to be Chinese, until they realized that it belonged to an ancient language quite unknown to any modern linguist

alexandr-chuvyrovThe implications of this object are staggering. If it is indeed part of a 200-tablet set, then it might be a piece of a mosaic designed to be a comprehensive aerial survey of the region, at a time when it had seen extensive development. The map itself, and the features that it portrays, both bespeak a civilization that shouldn’t even have existed, and one that possessed not only powered flight but also techniques of art and civil engineering far more advanced than our own. (In fact, the Center for Historical Maps in Wisconsin is working on a fresh aerial survey of the region, in trying to authenticate the map.)

Chuvyrov is reported to have named it the “Map of the Creator.” But God Himself need not have drawn it. Instead, this is probably the clearest and most convincing evidence for the existence, and the technological state, of antediluvian civilization. And a member of a civilization that created that map, and the works it depicts, could easily have built the ship that withstood the disaster that destroyed most of those works.

Sources: http://english.pravda.ru/news/russia/30-04-2002/42113-0/



One thought on ““Dashka stone” reveals – Pre Global Flood – Civilization

  1. With so many cultures each having their own version of a Great Flood story, it is difficult to believe that the Biblical account did not happen, and more so with the amounting scientific evidence (as you’ve discussed). Others may disagree, and I am not scientifically-literate to defend the occurrence of the great deluge, but I believe it anyway.

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