Mirror Reflections – Ecuador & Russia



Life in Ecuador

Coastal vs. Cuenca


This is our own personal dilemma, the excitement of the city with its restaurants and shopping and lots of gringos to show you the way, or the relaxation, warmth and perhaps isolation of the coast.  Heat, or lack thereof, and altitude will come in to the decision.


OK, Mr. Peabody, turn back the way-back machine.  Some background…


The boys grew up in Southern California.  Dad first introduced Steve to surfing by taking him to the giant waves in Hermosa Beach. This scared him straight to knee boards.  Dave took to the surfer lifestyle and baked his brain.  Mary grew up in the mountains of Northern Arizona but her family vacationed in Mexico at a primitive cabin on the beach.  So, we could all handle living at the coast, but…

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Life in Russia

People become expats for a variety of reasons.  Some do it for financial reasons, others have a thirst for adventure and some have no choice when their jobs call for them to move around the globe.


While living in Russia, I met a lot of expats who didn’t move abroad for work or to be with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  Many had originally planned to stay for a year just to have a bit of adventure, and ended up staying a lot longer.  I also noticed that many of them were not very integrated into Russian culture, didn’t have a lot Russian friends and spoke hardly any Russian at all.  They preferred the company of other expats.  So why did they stay?  What was the appeal of living abroad?  As I contemplated these questions, I generated a list of possible perks:………

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