Siberian Boy finds clear evidence of “Yeti”

yeti_lgA 12-year-old boy who filmed the ‘clearest evidence’ so far of the Yeti in Siberia  spoke for the first time of how he came face to face with the Yeti.

He spoke with absolute conviction that what he saw was the elusive beast of which many say is of myth or folklore.  Yevgeny (Zhenya) Anisimov’s footage shows not one but two Yetis, the first being an adult, the second being a baby or child, adding that his claim is backed by experts in the US and Canada.

For Zhenya – the ‘sighting’, covered by The Siberian Times in February 2013, has been plagued problems after his teacher claimed the incident was a stunt, it also didn’t help with the vocalizations that where in the video, but certainly understandable as  he and two friends ran away frightened.


Zhenya and his friend  not sure of what they witnessed, ‘decided not to say a word about it’, this all occurred in a village some 30km from the coal mining city of Leninsk-Kuznetskiy in Kemerovo region.

‘We thought nobody would believe us and people would laugh at us. But I was curious to know who of what it was that I filmed.’

inside Yeti

The Yeti – or Yeltis – were captured on his mobile phone as they walked through trees, possibly frightened by the voices, the blurred shapes can be seen moving away.

He explained how he showed the video to his grandparents,  who then alerted a neighbor and their son, a miner, Yevgeni Pashkov.

Zhenya’s father then forwarded it to Igor Burtsev, Director of the International Center of Homology in Moscow, who told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper the footage was ‘not of good quality but still convincing enough’. ‘We studied it and realised there are not just one Yeti but two there,’ said the ‘expert’.

Images of the footprints in the snow show that next to the big one there are small ones too, he claimed.

inside traces best

‘It means there were not one but two Yetis, a big and a small one, and they walked one after another, the one behind stepped into the footprints of the one in front,’ said Dr Burtsev, who said the video had been analysed by unidentified experts in the US and Canada.

‘Our foreign colleagues agreed with this. It looks like the bigger Yeti – may have been it;s  mother or father – was making a path for the smaller one, this also explains why the distance between footprints is not big, just 70-80 cm, just about two and a half times bigger than the footprint itself.

OblastEn‘In other words, the bigger Yeti stepped more often making it easier for the younger Yeti to follow him’.

The sighting was close to the frozen Ur River.

‘Two minutes 39 seconds from the beginning of the footage  – we see a figure’, Burtsev said.

‘At that moment Zhenya’s phone switched off because of the frost. He has a simple cheap phone, it is a frequent problem. ‘He switched it on again and then we see a figure in focus. Until 2 minutes 51 seconds it stands still, a full 12 seconds.  At first we thought we saw extra long arms but now we think these were the legs of younger Yeti, who was carried by the bigger one.

‘Then the Yeti turns around, quickly runs to the left, just for 2 or 3 seconds, and we see the figure is quite wide, but if we suppose he was carrying a child Yeti, then it is clear. And remember about the footprints. All fits now’.

inside yeti kids run away 2

Dr Burtsev asked the miner to return to the scene with the boy and examine the footprints, now slightly snow-covered.

‘They found the same footprints and more, they found out that the Yeti left that field, went around it and came back, and then went towards the main road.

‘Probably they came back because they were hungry. Yevgeny Pashkov noticed that trees were picked at a height of 150-170 cm, one tree was gnawed in two pieces, the bark of another tree was gnawed.’

Burtsev asked Pashkov and other locals to leave some food for the hungry Yetis, and reports say they left several chickens killed by a wild mink.

Meanwhile, Zhenya, who has won global fame for his pictures, says that he believes in the Yeti – but added that he faces problems from his teachers and other locals who do not believe him.

He was ‘shouted at’ for swearing as he fled the scene.

‘I am convinced it was a staged performance. Yeti do not exist at all, especially in our area full of fields,’ said Irina Ustyuzhanina, senior teacher of Podgorny School.

However, the local administration believes the boys. And now he has a certificate from Dr Burtsev to confirm the sighting

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