Russia’s most Mysterious Places

Russia‘s most Mysterious Places Part One


There are some places in Russia that are just plain hard to understand, some of these places are weird, some a bit eerie, and some are otherworldly. They span from Eastern Russia to western Russia and every places in between. There is a warning here that some of the material that is found in this post may be hard to read, so beware. The first of these is:

The Kolyma Highway in the winter time.
The Kolyma Highway in the winter time.
Kolyma Highway in the summertime.
Kolyma Highway in the summertime.

First stop: The East Siberia Highway or “Kolyma” Federal highway.

This is the place about which they say: “It is better to you to us!”. Kolyma. Or rather the Kolyma highway which is a ice road which is over 2000 kilometers, connecting Magadan and Yakutsk. These two cities are not the most pleasant places in the world. This is one place where temperatures can occasionally drop to – 70 degrees Celsius. Geologists, Anthropologists and Parapsychologists have been struggling to explain the unusual conditions that present themselves with the lakes, mountains, trees, and even animal tracks at times.

Bridge on the "Road of Bones"
Bridge on the “Road of Bones”

In the years of repression a million Soviet prisoners were sent along the Kolyma path. Only half made it there and even fewer stayed. The local old-timers remember how icy bodies would be found strewn along the road. The ones found were considered enemies of the people, criminals and corrupt individuals once frozen served as a natural sealant or primer coating for the road. When the dead where found they would be buried (in warmer months), right where they found them, on the side of the roads.


Do not be surprised if you are offered to go bone hunting. (ie, to seek human remains in the ground). It has become somewhat of a sport and divination at the same time to find a pelvis bone – which would bring financial prosperity, to create peace for families who lost loved ones, the skull when found would improve the memory. In several places (in the area of the ​​Yakutsk and Khandyga)the highway is supported only by ferry during the summer or an ice crossings during the winter. It is considered quite intense traffic when three to four cars a day are moving on the highway judged by local standards, this is heavy traffic. In winter conditions, any mechanical failure can be fatal for the car and its owner. When winter is over and summer has arrived one will find charred skeletons of iron: desperate drivers set their cars fire to keep warm in the frigid cold. Sometimes it doesn’t work, if this is the case not far from the engine’s core one will find its owner.


Getting there


By car from Magadan in the north-west.

However, the locals believe these extreme climatic conditions and the sense it’s a giant cemetery is not the worst the Kolyma highway can reveal.The real adventure begins on the lakes. The Red, Labynkyr and Gates lakes have swallowed more than a hundred people over the last decade. The Yakuts people say that a the bottom of this lake is a huge animal that is responsible for these deaths. It is on Labynkyr this myth started, there is a belief that three islands disappear under water with a strange regularity. This is what has supported the local belief that the island is a monster that goes to the bottom after each successful hunt.




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