Mirror Reflections – Latvia & Russia


Thoughts about Latvians

Having been told ‘Go home…snobby immigrant’ by a less than enamoured reader, I’ve decided to curl up into a foetal ball (with wine), and take a break from sharing my views on Latvia and Latvians.

Instead, I thought that I’d see what other people think of them. A quick search on Google brought up a variety of discussion forums on travelling to Riga/Latvia and, I have to say, the results were pretty depressing. Of course, most thought that Riga was beautiful with stunning architecture and plenty to see and do. A few said that the surrounding beaches and countryside were worth a trip and that people were friendlier in the smaller towns and cities. But on the whole, opinions on Riga and Latvian people were overwhelmingly negative. Here’s a brief summary – over-priced bars and nightclubs, scams, beatings, ignorant and unfriendly locals (both to foreigners and each other)……

Visit: https://expateyeonlatvia.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/what-do-you-think-of-latvians/


Thoughts about Russians

1. Underground Passages – where you cross the street without stoplights or the dangers of traffic. Most of them are lined with kiosks selling flowers, food, shoes, tickets to cultural shows, books, and other necessities. These “переходи” are especially useful during the brutal winters. Some are simple passageways, others are grand labyrinthine shopping malls. The first time I saw one I was amazed.

2. Historic plaques and Monuments ! In Kazan and almost every city across Russia they honor the most famous artists, politicians, actors, thinkers and war heroes who lived there with big beautiful iron…………



2 thoughts on “Mirror Reflections – Latvia & Russia

  1. Thanks for reblogging! We have those underground passages in Riga as well – definitely preferable to rooting around in your wallet with frozen fingers when it’s -25 above ground!

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