Mirror Reflections – Finland & Russia


Life In Finland

Originally started as observations about various curiosities about living in Finland in comparison to my native Canada (northern Ontario), Life in Finland touches on the humourous, the political, the maddening, the strange and so on. I hope to bring you interesting tidbits on life in Finland. It’s always a learning process and it’s been fun let me tell you.


This blog was named as one of the best English language blogs in Finland by National Geographic Traveller in its June 2006 on-line feature on Helsinki. Life in Finland moved over to WordPress in the fall of 2010……….

Visit: http://liveinfinland.wordpress.com/about/



Life In Russia

In our world we all hail from being from somewhere, some of us call ourselves Americans, Russians, or even maybe elsewhere. Even though I was born in America I’m not sure I can call myself an American. One could claim that I’m now a Russian since I now live in Russia. But in the reality of things I’m neither and at the same time I’m both. If there were a bridge then I would love to say that I’m standing right in the middle calling to both, come see your brother, he’s just like you. I’ve seen both worlds, from one standpoint I’d say both are the same. Then…………..

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