Mirror Reflections – Slovenia & Russa


Lake Bled, Slovenia

This isn’t strictly a museum post, although we did visit a museum inside Bled Castle (of which more later), but my trip to Lake Bled was amazing, so I couldn’t resist sharing some of it!  As you can see, the lake is stunning, but scenery alone does not a day out make.  Truthfully, one of my main motivations for visiting Lake Bled was the summer toboggan run I’d read about, and it did not disappoint…….

Visit: http://divertingjourneys.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/lake-bled-slovenia-bled-castle-summer-tobogganing-and-amazing-views/


Lake Baikal, Russia

Our research aims to investigate the impact of both anthropogenic activity and natural climate variability on Lake Baikal’s ecosystem. Over the past 60 years, industrialisation and land-use development, as well as global warming have lead to increased nutrient loading into the lake. This nutrient loading impacts Lake Baikal’s algal communities, which are the building blocks of the ecosystem. At present the full impact of these changes remains largely unknown……..

Visit: http://nottinghamlakebaikal.wordpress.com/

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